Today I undertook an on the spot check around Lusaka CBD from Kafue roundabout up to Makishi traffic lights.

The walk was meant to ascertain reports that my office has been receiving that vendors have started returning to the streets barely a few months after a massive clean up by the Defence and security wings sanctioned by His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, the great leader of this great nation and the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

I am glad to report that the CBD is still very clean and our brothers and sisters have complied with the directives to vacate the streets. I also encouraged the former street vendors to take advantage of the various economic empowerment programmes offered by the Zambian government.

The walk gave me an opportunity to also interact with the business community especially banks and other financial institutions and I directed them to adopt the islands on Cairo road and maintain the standards of cleanliness in the CBD.

The motorists also presented to me a real challenge they facing with regards to road traffic congestion. I assured the motorists that the recently launched Lusaka Decongestion Project by President Lungu with the help of the Indian government will significantly help decongest the roads in Lusaka and change the entire landscape of the capital city.

My clarion call is for all Lusaka residents in particular and Zambians in general to adopt cleaniness as a way of life. Let us inculcate a sense of pride in maintaining our clean surroundings as part of our culture. I believe we can turn Lusaka into our own Kigali, Pretoria or Gaborone if we all played our part in the Keep Lusaka Clean and Healthy Campaign.

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