Africa Consumer Union (ACU) statement to Edgar Lungu

“Delayed payment of pension benefits has had a devastating social and financial impact on the beneficiaries”

LUSAKA: Africa Consumer Union (ACU) calls upon Govt to pay attention to the plight of retirees by releasing grants to the Public Sector Pension Fund(PSPF). The erratic and inadequate release of funds to PSPF has led to failure by the institution to timely pay retirees and other beneficiaries their lump sum benefits.

” We are horrified by the apparent neglect of our senior citizens; men and women who had deligently served the country in various departments of the public sector. They now languish in the streets of Lusaka. Their children and grandchildren have become street kids because the system in which they invested their life-time savings has failed them. Consequently their livelihoods have been severely compromised worsening their vulnerability.” Said ACU 1st vice president, Muyunda Ililonga.

The Union notes that those who invest in social security systems do so to escape poverty but when the social security system fail them in terms of untimely payments and insufficient benefits, those who depend on it sink deeper in poverty.

“Retirees are consumers with special needs because of the process of ageing. They require good diet and access to medication. They also need to pay for basic goods and services such as food, water, schools etc. Failure to pay them their dues expose them to poverty risk that would ultimately lead to social exclusion. It’s for this reason that we implore President E C Lungu to personally be attentive to the plight of numerous retirees in the country and ensure that this long- running scandal of delayed payment of retirees is decisively addressed.”

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