Good morning fellow countrymen and women, comrades from the Patriotic Front Party, all protocols observed.

For those that really love the Patriotic Front Party and President Edgar Chagwa Lungu genuinely will agree with me that the whole process in awarding that fire tenders deal was fraudulent and this has really angered Zambians let us not cheat ourselves here because this is definitely a political missile on the Patriotic Front Party and if not addressed in a way that will please masses then definitely it will come and haunt us in future.

The whole blotted figure of $42,000,000.00 was exaggerated something that has really angered Zambians hence the need to do damage control by firing those involved if we were to regain the confidence of the Zambian people.

Personally I have had an opportunity to see and compare state of art fire tenders at ZAMBIA AIR FORCE HEADQUARTERS trust me they are worth the price unlike those “Mitsubishi canters” look alike that are said to be worth $1,000,000 each.

I am challenging the directors from ministry of local government and the permanent secretary to go to Zambia Air force headquarters in long acres and see for themselves the type of fire engines that ZAF has then compare them to the most expensive fire tenders on planet that you procured for us, you will come and agree with me that their is definitely something wrong with the whole deal.

Firstly the entire tender committee should be disbanded and if possible people should be relieved off their duties to send a clear message to others that might be tempted to do such in future.

Permanent secretary should be questioned and if caught up in the mess then instant dismissal.

I am aware of a group of DIRECTORS and the permanent secretary himself who travelled to go and inspect those fire engines before being brought to Zambia and one does not rocket science to know that its this same group that misguided the entire ministry by bringing such cheap and second class fire engines to Zambia this whole group deserves to be sucked.

Hon. Vincent Mwale is an innocent person on this one and I would not say much neither would I want anything to happen to his job and i know from my investigations that the man is clean.

Some of these directors we have in government institutions are indirectly campaigning for the opposition by frustrating government efforts.

One needs to know that the behavior of a CADRE, MINISTER or GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL be it positive or negative all comes to rest on the shoulders of our distinguished humble leader president Edgar Chagwa Lungu hence the need for all stakeholders involved to conduct themselves in a manner that will not bring the name of the Patriotic Front Party and that of the presidency into disrepute.

We can not seat down and allow such carelessness by selfish and greed individuals at the ministry for as the ruling party members we need to guard and protect the party and the presidency jealously if we are to rule for many more years to come.

I am on the ground 24/7 365 days in direct contact with the grassroots and what am hearing is not something that is pleasing because the entire blame is being rested on the presidency and yet the man is innocent.

Even a street vendor is failing to understand why those funny worn out fire engines would be pegged at that Price and yet we have technocrats who gave a go ahead to purchase such, what a shame.

I would have been comfortable if that tender was to be split into lots that could benefit many Zambians countrywide unlike giving $42,000,000 to an individual that is extremely wrong.

Hon. Vincent Mwale should seriously clean up the ministry if we are to regain trust and confidence from the Zambian people and if possible the deal to be reversed.

Truth be told the whole tender process and subsequently awarding of the tender to an individual has really exposed gross professional misconduct for it was fraudulently awarded hence the need to suck anyone who played a role in embarrassing the name of the party and that of presidency.


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