Arsenal Teammates not happy with Alexis Sanchez

Alexis Sanchez

It seems like all is not well in the Arsenal camp with the ongoing contract crisis between the football club and its star players Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Özil. Both players have their current contracts running out in the next 6 months meaning they will have a chance to walk away as free agents if Arsenal do not tie them down to new deals or cash out in the January transfer window.

Perhaps due to his status at the club, generally more criticism seems to be directed at Alexis Sanchez than Mesut Özil for the same issue. Following the game against Crystal Palace where Sanchez scored two goals to help Arsenal on their way to victory, much was said about how the team celebrated Sanchez’s first goal. Sky Sports pundit Thierry Henry pointed out how Sanchez seemed to be a bit taken back when his teammates didn’t rush in to celebrate with him emphatically.

It maybe that Monsieur Henry is reading too much into it but the issue has certainly divided Arsenal fans if comments on Arsenal Fan TV are anything to go by. News of a recent bustup in the Arsenal dressing room after the game against Burnley certainly fueled a lot of the specualtion around Sanchez and his teammates.

The issue still remains, will Arsene Wenger hold on to his to star players well beyond their current contract or will they leave the club in January for some good cash or for free at the end of the season?

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