Chisokone Market Land in kitwe has not been sold to anyone or any Chinese Company


Kitwe City Council wishes to put it on record that the land in Town Centre were the Chisokone Market is located has not been sold to any person or company. The allegation that a Chinese company has bought the market land is not true and I would not support such an idea because it is against the principle of empowering Zambians.

The council has not had any committee meeting or passed any council resolution to sell the land to any person( local or foreign). The rumour should not be taken seriously. The local authority represents central government at a local level and we have no instructions to sell the land to any local or foreign investor.

The council holds the collective opinion that first priority for any upgrading of the market should be to benefit those who are currently trading at chisokone. Meaning if a Mordern market is going to be built, it should be to help those who have been there for Many years to have better trading facilities. What is true however, is the fact that the Chamber of Mines ( that is all mining companies in zambia) have offered free money to build three Mordern markets at Chisokone in Kitwe, Kapalala in Ndola and City market in Lusaka under their collective social corporate responsibility.

Just to remind the marketeers that Kitwe City Council has over the last one year, under my leadership spent over K 2.5 million in building new market shelters to improve the market and benefit the current traders aswell as accommodate former street vendors.

At a local level I represent a very responsible government lead by His Excellency the President of Zambia which believes in empowering marketeers.I wish to report that I have engaged leaders from market associations 3 times this week alone to discuss how we can protect the interests of the marketeers in terms of ownership options when a mordern chisokone is built.

Christopher Kang’ombe
Mayor of Kitwe

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