Coordinates Collection – Creating unique memories

When Christian Young helped Owen Devries start Coordinates Collection in 2013, he was already two successful start-ups old. With some knowledge in the foray of jewelry, Christian offered just the kind of guidance that was needed to launch Coordinates Collection as the first company to launch personalized wearables.

Inspired by the founders’ travel interests and experiences, Coordinates Collection provided personalized wearable memorabilia from trips based on their geographical coordinates. Termed as “memories”, the company offers handcrafted jewelry that can be worn as an everyday keepsake of lasting, personal memory of locations visited. With Christian’s experience in seeding finances, this promising and unique start-up soon gained popularity and came to be endorsed by eminent personalities. With a background in law, Christian developed and copyrighted the well known brand message “Every memory has a place” for the brand Coordinates Collection.

Coordinates Collection and its associated parent company FD9 Group has seen famous clients like Paris Hilton, Yolanda Foster and Jessica Alba who have used the company for product and brand consulting. Coordinates Collection offers the next level of customized memorabilia created by pairing high-quality craftsmanship with a timeless fresh look for every product, and was one of the first companies to develop fast fashion 3d-printed and USA manufactured jewelry at an affordable price.

With the philosophy that life’s biggest moments and most important memories can be cast in fine metals and worn close to you at all times, Coordinated Collections can be a unique gift for loved ones. The signature styles of bracelets, rings, and necklaces are created to perfection to suit the buyers. The products are meant to enable customers to own their fondest memories in the form of coveted fashion items.

In its 4 years of existence, Coordinates Collection has sold in 500+ boutiques and stores such as Neiman Marcus, Nordstroms & Kitson. With Christian’s guidance and active involvement, Coordinates Collection has emerged as the world’s greatest and first wearable memory. It is currently a part of the Reign Sapphire Corporation based out of California, a large jewelry conglomerate that combines specialty jewelry styles.

Coordinates Collection has an extensive online shopping portal that offers customers the options to choose the jewelry of their choice, customize the look, metal, style, size, coordinates, message, dates, and a choice of stone if desired. This completely personalized shopping experience makes the company a favorite among customers.

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