The pioneers of the integrated platform for online credit management, CreditSeva is a one of a kind interface handling all your financial woes in one place. Acknowledged as one of notable start-ups by the Startup Bootcamp’s Fintech programme in Singapore, their service is known to deliver the latest technology to integrate data analytics that decipher your credibility to apply for loans while helping you establish and maintain good credit scores.

The company started by Satya Vishnubhotla and Kalyan Varma back in 2011, turned digital in a span of 3 years, and today, stands strong with more than 50,000 users availing their proficient services. Creditseva is an entrancing blend of flexibility and experience, uniting innovation and monetary services.

Using LAMP stack and MEAN stack coders, they provide unparallelled services that are meticulously designed to on a platform that is effortlessly available, universally approved and extremely easy to understand. They specialize in maintaining your credit health under tight restraints while giving you full reports and itemized inspections of the same, which helps you decipher your financial needs and the required demands to meet a solid credit score, to have an unhindered experience in your financial ventures.

The future of FinTech, CreditSeva’s user-friendly interface has fast-gained popularity among the masses. With a multi-feature platform, they help you quite easily upload a CBIL report which is scrutinized to give you a detailed analytic report. Understanding the details helps you settle your pending loans, rectify errors in your credit report and improve your credit score. As an additional bonus, you can also safeguard your credit profile from fraud and the fear of theft.

Built on the values and motto of respect and integrity, CreditSeva is the work of a team of brilliant minds coming together to create wonders in the world of FinTech. With a main head-office in Singapore, they have grown to become a company recognized by name. Receiving a funding of 2.4 crores from Infocomm Investments and Pix Vine Capital in 2016, they garnered the attention and soon after, funding from the mammoths of the industry, including SGInnovate, CitiBank, HSBC and PayPal as well.

The journey that makes CreditSeva who they are today is incredible. From an office managed and operated in Hyderabad to being listed as CBR online’s list of “10 fintech start-ups shaking up Asian banking” in 2015 they sure have established an irreplaceable foundation for themselves in today’s market.

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