David Cherry: A serial patentee with a business mind

The BrainStyles maybe one thing that made David J Cherry a name to reckon with among corporates, but it is certainly not the only thing that he invented. Born and brought up in Iowa, Fort Madison, David Cherry is also known commonly as “serial patenter” with multiple patents to his credit.

A chemical engineer by profession, David Cherry is a rare entrepreneur who built and then sold off his profit-making multi-million dollar projects. His first major invention was the BrainStyles System, a unique system that uncovers intrinsic personality details embedded into our genetic disposition. He has also written a book explaining BrainStyles system that has been adopted extensively by corporates for personality development programs.

His background in chemical engineering paved the way for the multiple patents he has against his name, but his ventures in various fields of business speak volumes about his versatility and business acumen.
David Cherry formed Uvtech, Inc. in 1989 as a compounder of high-tech engineered polymers, concentrates and specialty plastic compounds. Uvtech received its ISO 9000 certification under the able guidance of David Cherry. Dealing with the plastic industry, Uvtech developed a few patented breakthrough technologies that included roofing membrane product and Polyolefin-acrylic bonded composite.

In 2001, David sold off 90% of his interest in Uvtec Holdings Inc. to GWB Plastics Holdings Co. Its 100% purchase was completed in 2002 when he sold the remaining 10% interest to Spartech Corporations.

David’s other most notable venture – Research Polymers International (RPI) – was formed in July 1981, buying assets of specialty plastic formulation business from Ciba-Geigy Corporation. David Cherry presided over RPI from 1981 to 1986. It was during his stint as the company’s president that RPI developed a market breakthrough technology to receive a “Q1” – the highest rating for company quality, from Ford Motor Company. After a 600% growth in sales and 3 times growth in the number of employees, RPI was sold to Dexter Corporation in October 1986.

Apart from these, David was also instrumental in purchasing, developing, and selling of many other smaller companies throughout his career. Always, exceptionally unconventional in his approach, his ability to look beyond the obvious and ordinary has made him a name to reckon with.

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