Future infrastructure

The Lusaka Ndola road is dual carriage. It’s 321km to Ndola from Lusaka and is the same from Ndola to Lusaka, therefore the total is 642km.

Then from Masangano turn off to Luanshya roundabout, the distance is 45km, that’s the same distance from Luanshya roundabout to Masangano. Therefore the total is 90km.

We have Kabwe by pass which will be 20km by 2, it comes to 40Km.

Kapiri Mposhi by pass will be 20km by 2, it will come to 40km also.

This will in turn translate into a Total in Km….812.


Bridge at Mulungushi University, Toll plazas, Transit Hotels, Service stations, Weigh bridge, Office space for RDA etc.

The cost is off course$1.2bn to be repaid over a period of 17years.

Government estimation is that by the 17th year, the road would have raised $3.5bn.

Therefore, $2.3bn in profits to plough into other roads and related infrastructure.

This project is a legacy project that will earn a chapter for ECL and PF in the chronicles of Zambia.

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