Hakainde hichilema lives a lie

Lusaka, Zambia, 1st September 2017 – UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema is a deception to himself and exists in a cocoon of deception. He is not true to the UPND membership. Indeed, if the levels of deception from his South African press briefing is what the Thanksgiving Prayers have produced in the man, then its high time his High Priests thought of going beyond laying on of hands to include baptism by fire – they have a mountain to climb!

It is no wonder to this date, there still exists grey areas surrounding is entry onto the political stage; grey areas around his faith; grey areas around his role in Zambia’s infamous privatization of among other things, mines; grey areas around his style of leadership within UPND; and grey areas around what he really stands for.

Speaking before white capital in South Africa, Hichilema proved right what many Zambians had always suspected – he’s a political project and a puppet of capitalists who has chosen to align himself with beneficiaries of South Africa’s apartheid regime. Hichilema has gone to bed with Democratic Alliance (DA), a Party Nelson Mandela described as follows: “You must not be misled by a Party that only cares for blacks on the eve of the elections…No matter how they cover up by getting a few black stooges, they (the whites) remain the bosses.”

Instead of thanking the people of Zambia for his release, he chose to go to a foreign country to speak ill of a country he claims to love. His motive is greed and self-serving. Those with the gift of knowledge in the UPND must get worried with their leader’s style of leadership. Hichilema does not care about his “voters”, all he wants is self-anointing. He is even going to go to great lengths to associate with the likes of expelled PF Member Chishimba Kambwili, (another political desperado who confuses Hichilema for the Micheal Sata legacy) thinking that will get him into State House.

With yesterday’s hallucinations from South Africa, even the little “public sympathy” he might have gained fizzled out. Right thinking Zambians can now see that he is a “political fluke” ready to tell lies about his own Country and cannot therefore be taken seriously. Zambians cannot trust his word.

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