Hannes Lottering Hates Siya Kolisi’s Interracial Marriage

South African Rugby Springboks player, Siya Kolisi’s interracial marriage to Rachel Kolisi seems to have rubbed a few individuals in the Free State Province the wrong way, with Hannes Lottering from Parys leading the charge with his Facebook comment on the Kolisi’s union.

Sharing a link on his Facebook profile page, Hannes Lottering is quoted as saying, “I pray that this does not happen to my family. Honest to God, I would not know what to do.”. He’s friends joined in the racist chorus supporting his racist ideaology with comments of their own such as, “Problem with mixed breeding is that the worst of the inferior bloodline becomes dominant. In fact, some black people only started reading and writing 100 years ago, and for that reason, he would not want to have grandchildren “as backward as that”.

South Africa is still recovering from a deeply divided racial divide institutionalised by the Apartheid system which Nelson Mandela and so many others fought so hard for to bring to an end. Current President Jacob Zuma is on record as saying that the recent displays of open racism in South Africa mean that more work needs to be done to fight prejudice in the Rainbow nation.

“We will not allow a few racists to win the day and take us backwards‚” the Zuma stated. A National Action Plan to Combat Racism‚ Racial Discrimination‚ Xenophobia and Related Intolerance is being finalised‚ the president said.

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