How BrainStyles changed the way we think about our brain

The BrainStyles system, that offers a unique way of looking at the way our brain works, has been much talked about in recent years. Born in Fort Madison, Iowa on 28th November 1933, it was David J Cherry, a chemical engineer by trade and a successful entrepreneur, who introduced us to this rare concept.

David Cherry invented the BrainStyles system that simplifies the process of comprehending the innate talent of humans, understanding the strengths, and improving on them. ‘BrainStyles: Be Who You Really Are’, the book that introduced the concept to the wider world, was first published in 1992, and since then, it has revolutionized the way people perceive the working of the brain.

The book covers the central tenant of the BrainStyles System, invented by David Cherry. ‘BrainStyles: Be Who You Really Are’is based on the experiences of Cherry, who describes how the BrainStyles approach was tested in his own multi-million dollar business to bringing together the best combination of talent necessary to build winning corporate teams.

‘BrainStyles: Be Who You Really Are’ is a result of the invention and development of the BrainStyles system over time. The publication of this book introducing this unique approach helps identify personality styles in individuals. This system has its basis in the belief that personalities are hardwired into genes. Our character and behavior are structured into the genetic makeup of the brain. So, to know the biology of any individual, one needs to first identify the brain style.

The book further explains that if worked upon these styles, a complete sense of self is possible. This sense of self can help us identify the strengths and weaknesses and work on developing or reducing them adequately. Based on a four-tiered pattern, David classified each person into any one of the four systems – Deliberators (P), Knowers (A), Conceptors (E), and Concillators (I). Workforces can be enhanced by identifying these distinct traits and working on them.

BrainStyles system has helped large organizations handle difficult teams and crisis situations. Most top corporates have found ‘BrainStyles: Be Who You Really Are’to be an essential handbook to create teams with a high talent mix. Ever since its release, it has not only helped managers and team builders to identify strengths of people but has also changed the way they look at enhancing or broadening their respective strengths.

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