I Used to sleep with my boyfriend’s father, should I tell him?

When I was younger, I was working for a certain media and marketing company in Lusaka. Being young, selfish and broke, I started having an affair with my boss.

He who would take me to dinner and after work romps at places like the Radisson Blu Hotel, Manda Hill Lodge, and other fine restaurants and lodges around the city. Our favorite place to go was the InterContinental Lusaka.

It was fun but now I’m a bit older and wiser and currently thinking of settling down with my boyfriend but the problem is that his father is the one who used to be my sugar daddy.

Two weeks ago, I went to his house only to meet his parents there. I started talking to his mother who I got along with very well but his Dad pretended that he doesn’t know me. He didnt even look at me!

My sister who knows the whole story keeps telling me to run and dump my boyfriend but he’s such a lovely guy. He keeps talking about our future and possible marriage and it makes me very nervous.

I don’t know what to do and my BP is going up.

Would it be a good idea to tell the truth about my former diva life to my boyfriend, including having sex with his father or would it be better to just keep my secret and live happily ever after?

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