It’s UPND Cadres Who ‘Intercepted’ Trucks Laden With Mukula Logs

It has come to light that the trucks laden with Mukula logs that were intercepted on Friday night in Kafue’s Shimabala, by UPND cadres masquerading as Patriotic Front cadres, to paint the government in black. This is according to those who are in Police custody and charged for stealing money.

After the trucks were stopped by a horde of cadres who initially claimed they are PF youths, government through the State House press aid Amos Chanda released a statement that the logs were legally exported to China after being auctioned by ZAFICO which is the disgnated custodian of the confiscated logs from illegal traders.

The unruly youths even stole more than K30,000 as such, some have been apprehended and are charged with aggravated robbery by the police.

After being slapped with aggravated robbery, the youths knowing that the case is unbailable pleased for leniency and revealed the truth, that they had just been sent by UPND Secretariat to intercept the trucks.

It is after some where arrested that they revealed to Police and investigative wings that in fact, they are not members of the Patriotic Front but of the opposition UPND who were sent by their Secretariat to carry out the operation in a bid to embarrass the President under the auspice of being corrupted.

The UPND cadres even stole some export documentation from various drivers of the intercepted trucks, on gun point, and took them away with cash money amounting to more than K30,000, meant for fuel.

And Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo yesterday issued a stern warning that those who conducted the acts would face the law. He promised, while speaking from his Constituency Shiwanga’anda, that his Ministry through the police would bring the said youths to book for being unruly despite that the logs of Mukula were being legally transported by ZAFICO.

Lately, there has been a public outcry that despite a ban on exporting of Mukula, government officials as well as certain PF cadres are allowed to do so when everyone else is barred.

When the trucks were stopped at night, an accusation was thrown that they belonged to President Lungu’s Political Advisor Kaizer Zulu.

A video clip went viral of the Youths who chanted against the government and Kaizer Zulu that they were the ones behind the more than 13 trucks stopped in Shimabala.

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