Jacob Zuma Resigns As President of South Africa

Jacob Zuma last night announced his resignation as President of South Africa finally succumbing to weeks of pressure from both his own African National Congress Party and opposition parties like Malema’s EFF and the Democratic Alliance.

The Vice president, Cyril Ramaphosa, who was elected as the torch bearer for the ANC in the upcoming General Elections will take over from Jacob Zuma and see out the end of his term even though it is rumoured that he’d like to get his own mandate next year.

Ironically, Zuma faces a similar ouster as that of former presdient Thabo Mbeki whom he took over from after the ANC had recalled him. Zuma’s presidency was marred with cases of abuse of office and his relationship with the Gupta’s ultimately lost him the goodwill he previously had with many of his supporters.

The Gupta’s are accused of “State Capture” as they influnced Zuma in making policy and even appointing some ministers and other senior government officials. Yesterday, the South African Police raided one of the Gupta’s homes in Cape Town in connection with corruption allegations.

In his resignation speech, Zuma said he was quitting with immediate effect even though he disagreed with the ANC’s decision which threatened to move a vote of no confidence and impeachment against him if he did not step down as President.

“No life should be lost in my name and also the ANC should never be divided in my name. I have therefore come to the decision to resign as president of the republic with immediate effect,” said Zuma.

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