Junior Cobra


There was a PF meeting at Garden House Motel in 2011. The MMD leadership organised it’s cadres from Inter-City market to:

1. go and disrupt the meeting; and

2. Sort out Michael Sata on his way back.

As an astute politician, he got wind of the MMD’s plans and left Garden House using a different route and went straight to Inter-City to address his supporters. When asked how he managed to delude violent MMD cadres his response was; “I was Governor of Lusaka. I know Lusaka in and out. By the way, I came to the same place where those thugs came from to show the MMD that I am smarter than them.” Few hours later we saw disturbing pictures of PF cadres who were butchered by MMD cadres during the fracas.

If the junior Cobra was indeed one, he would have found himself in the Arena through the Nseluka road, Chishipula road or Mbesuma road. Besides, the Cobra himself never attended any of those ceremonies to avoid embarrassment because he knew that most of the Chiefs were MMD sympathisers. Be that as it may, he won every election there without the support of Chiefs.

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