Let’s have prayers to thank God for the release of HH

I am not going to say, much on the release of HH and his Co-accused, but to thank God for his release.

This is not a time to make long speeches and being emotionally charged, this is time to thank God.

It is God that worked through all the interveners and all those that played a part to bring this memorable event to have HH freed.

We should also thank the PF Govt, especially all those reasonable people that deliberated the case yesterday in Cabinet. Let us not through stones at anyone, this is not the time.

I am proposing that, the same way, went to Cathedral of the Holy Cross to pray for the freedom of HH, we do the same probably at a bigger venue than the Cathedral so that many Zambians can participate.

This is a strongest appeal to my brother HH and the UPND, that they organize those prayers immediately before HH resumes his works.


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