Lungu transforms Zambia decongesting Lusaka roads

Ignore Kambwili and discuss development. We need to replan our development. Let us fix our attitudes, revisit our priorities and be more practical. We are on track but we can easily lose it if not careful. Rapid economic diversification requires practical steps and not just mare fiddling with economic jargon.

¤ If we can borrow $2.3 billion for a railway line, why can’t we borrow a similar amount and construct 20 irrigation dams and 200 canals catering for 1 million farmers? Our earnings from agricultural exports would easily hit $15 billion. Who needs IMF with such great ideas?

¤ If we can borrow $1.2 for a dual carriageway, why can’t we borrow a similar amount to expand and diversify agricultural inputs production under NCZ? That way we would saturate our domestic market with cheap inputs for all. We would further became one of the major exporters of agricultural inputs. We would save the K2.8 billion we are spending on FISP and earn over $1 billion from export of agricultural inputs. Who needs to borrow for roads if we can make our own money?

¤ If we can borrow and spend $ 900 million on airports, why not borrow a similar amount and invest in rapid re-branding of ZNS to do all infrastructural projects, engage in agricultural production and food processing? We would save over $5 billion we are spending on foreign contractors. We would be better off hiring foreign experts to work with ZNS on highly technical projects than borrow and let all the money go to develop contractors’ countries of origin. Enhanced agricultural processing under ZNS with eventual grooming of local SMEs to ensure our produce is processed locally would smoothen marketing which is currently a nightmare. We would save over $2 billion worth of food imports and earn over $2.5 billion in food exports.

This is what creates jobs for youths and not just waiting for handouts. We voted for President Lungu but we have to get our facts right and not expect him to just wake up one day and announce jobs for all his supporters. The only way to create jobs is to invest in making money as a country: invest in growing the economy. To my fellow youths, if you focus so much on things that are not constructive, expect two things: 1) You should not expect to get appointed in return because there will be no jobs without rapid economic growth which you did not push for. 2) Your relevance won’t actually be felt because you cannot fake the true feelings of farmers if prices of inputs remain high while prices of their produce are so low. Ignore Kambwili and all retrogressive politics and transform into cadres for development.

As we celebrate the project to decongest Lusaka, let us tell the President, “Bakateka wesu Lesa amipale, mwabomba pali iyi project, nomba tepakuleka tulelomba tubombele pamo palyashi lyabulimi”

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