Magufuli Bans Miniskirts

Tanzania’s newly elected President John Magufuli who has been lauded for his new approach to Tanzanian politics and governance since the introduction of cost cutting measures has gone a step further and banned miniskirts in Tanzania. The no nonsense Magufuli has been on a rigorous mission to reinvent Tanzania’s moral fiber especially as it pertains to finance and corruption.

The Tanzanian mini-skirt ban comes barely a few months after “twerking” was banned in the East African country for what was described as its negative impact on the new generation as well as its threat to original Tanzanian dances.

Since taking over office, Magufuli cancelled Tanzania’s Independence Day celebration and dedicated the day and funds to clean up the country in an effort to battle a recent cholera outbreak. Magufuli also trimmed the size of his cabinet to 19 ministers from 30.

John Magafuli was voted into office running on a Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) party ticket. The party has been in power since the country attained Independence from colonialists.

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