Making Digital Marketing The Household Name It Should Be- Avijit Arya’s Journey Into The Space That Is Defining The Net

We’ve all encountered instances where we Google for a particular product, only to see a relevant ad pop up on Facebook sometime later. This is just one of the many advertising miracles that are possible today, thanks to digital marketing.

In spite of its widespread presence, digital marketing is a tough beast to rein in, partly because it is such a diverse field comprising of social media marketing, content marketing, ad and pay-per-click campaigns and so much more. Add to this the ever-growing number of social networks, and we need an expert to help us navigate this landscape.

Enter Avijit Arya. Setting himself apart from a very young age, this University of Glasgow graduate attended many social and digital media conferences at a time when even the industry bigwigs didn’t quite understand what it was all about. Having built his knowledge from the ground up and through practical implementation, he has established himself as speaker of repute in the space.

Listed among the top 100 digital icons of India, Avijit stays true to the title with a stellar speaking career. He has spoken about revenue generation through digital marketing at forums such as the Social Media Camp in Victoria, the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai, National Summit of Small Business Digital Marketing in San Diego and the Social Media Mastery Conference in Canada where he was awarded the Best Speaker Award, a tremendous honor.

This Chief Mogul at InternetMoguls has a pet favorite- the hospitality industry. He often writes about the latest trends in leveraging digital marketing for the hospitality industry, and his LinkedIn Pulse articles are full of rich insights. As a speaker, he has led many to use digital marketing as a powerful tool for their businesses, as well as inspired many youngsters to consider a career in this flourishing domain.

His workshops and courses aimed at specific market requirements see huge traction, as does his #askaviarya show which addresses the most current and relevant topics in the digital space. Are chatbots ideal for your business? Should you use Instagram? Is pay per click advertising fruitful? Ask Avijit Arya.

Avijit also shares some of his keen insights in the form of books. The Accidental First Mover explores the distinct benefit Tripadvisor and Google accrued as a result of being first in the market. It is a book that could encourage even a shy entrepreneur to begin taking risks. His other release, Bedtime Stories for Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs is a book written for, and by, his two kids who inspire him to do more every day.

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