Malawian “Prophet” turns into snake

An angry mob in Malawi’s capital city, Lilongwe, descended on the house of a self acclaimed prophet, Foster Mbale, of Christ for Natons Ministry after he had been accused of turning into a snake. It was reported that while speaking to some members of his congregation, Mbale started exhibiting strange signs before quickly turning into a long snake causing mass hysteria as people fled the horrifying scene.

As word got out, an angry crowd gathered outside the “Prophets” house and were involved in running battles with the local Police who were there to maintain peace and order. The cops eventually fired teargas canisters to disburse the crowd to no avail. The irate crowd then vandalised Mbale’s church and property as they searched for Mbale before setting on fire some vehicles belonging to the church.

The story gained traction on social media after several people shared and perpetuated the seemingly false snake tale. Police have since arrested suspects in connection with the fracas. Several hours later, Mbale held a press conference to dispel the rumours saying he had been watching Emmanuel TV the whole time in a different part of the city when the incident happened.

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