Need for regulation of Booths in Towns


Let me start by acknowledging the many job opportunities that have been created through the use of booths for trading in both town centres and townships in most districts in Zambia.

Whoever developed the idea of doing business in a booth either selling talk time or transferring money had in mind the need for convenience of accessing certain services.

I however note with concern, the fact that lack of enforceable guidelines and strict regulations for mounting the booths will defeat the very concept behind this form of trading across Zambia.

The followings are points of reflection by all of us including those doing different forms of business in booths ;

1. What should determine the number of booths in the central business district ? I ask this because companies like Zanaco bank already have bank outlets in buildings in town aswell MTN, ZAMTEL and AIRTEL. Not forgetting Multichoice that has equally mounted booths for decoder traders.

2. Aren’t booths suppose to be mounted in bus stations and markets for the convenience of those unable to walk to a service provider located in town centre?

3. What happens if former street vendors who used to sell vegetables and Tomatoes or Salaula traders decide to fabricate booths to sale their commodities in town centre on every corner?

4. If the principle behind booths is convenience for the consumer, aren’t the majority of booths suppose to be in residential areas located at bus stops and markets rather than overcrowding same corners in town centre?

5. In addition, what happens if all the other banks such as Standard Chartered, Barclays, Investrust or Atlas Mara decided to equally fabricate over 500 booths per district in the name of express mobile money ?

6. ZOONA now has a competitor in the name of SPEEDPay and am wondering how many booths the new company intends to mount across the 109 districts in Zambia to establish some market share?

From a planning point of view, A draft document is being prepared by Kitwe City Council to propose guidelines and procedures for both mounting the booths aswell as what type of business could be done in such facilities in;

– Townships and Compounds
– A limited number in bus stations / markets in town centre.

– And finally what distance will be acceptable between two booths from the same companies e.g 500metres

Kang’ombe Christopher
Mayor of Kitwe

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