Rapping a mark around the world

Active duty in Afghanistan teaches you a lot, one might say. But for Selldretti, it changed his life. Finding passion in putting his experiences into captivating lyrics, he shared his life experiences through a medium that reached out to the world.

This wasn’t the first time we had heard magic created by the mastermind. Selldretti gave his audiences a glimpse into his daily life, inspiring them through his Facebook Channel “SkipperVille”. His first big break- Pick Me Up was created along with his older brother, Marcus aka “Marcus Muscogee” and step brother, Cameron aka “D-YODA”, in his sophomore year of high school, taking the world of music by storm.

Not only is Selldretti an amazing musician, his family and education both reflect the strong roots he comes from. Born in a co-parented household, his father deputy sheriff Marcus Seldon and mother Nicole Ash have been major influences on his music.

Raised alongside his two brothers Nicholas and Marcus, Selldretti graduated from Northside High School and joined the U.S Army to dedicate three years of service, being deployed in Afghanistan. The talented musician values his education just as he does his career in music, and continues to study law at the U.S Military Academy at West Point.

His life changing experience on the field was accompanied by a severe blow, losing his mother to Lupus and granddad within a span of 5 months. The rookie songwriter turned into a lyricist overnight, reproducing his illustrious imagery into heart wrenching music through his first single Grieve. Selldretti’s recent album Life Goes On, which also happens to be his first, has been well acclaimed by the industry and the audiences alike.

The album received 300,000 downloads within 24 hours of its launch. His lyrics are bold, and music experiential, recreating memories and spinning tales to show the world his individual take on life. The track Welcome to Columbus, Ga, received 100,000 downloads in the first week, showing the world the brilliance he has to offer. Soon becoming a popular household name, Selldretti’s own brand Selldretti Music Group is changing lives one song at a time.

Inspired by the best the musical fraternity has seen, he idolizes Jay-Z, Biggie and Tupac among others to direct his talent towards brilliance. With the idea of making meaningful music to change the world, Selldretti is paving a new path of mystical music for himself, sharing life and inspiration within his generation, first with his single Rock the Block in October 2017 and now with his upcoming album Back to the Boom.

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