Support Ronniel Kwala Zambia’s pilot in the Vintage Air Rally

Ronniel Kwala, is a 24 years old Air Traffic Control Officer at Mfuwe international airport and a Trainee Pilot at Harv’s Air Flight training school based in Canada. He is currently a participant candidate in the USHUAIA 2 USA edition of the Vintage Air Rally, representing the Zambian team as a co-pilot/navigator.

Over 670 teams applied from about 70 countries, 60 teams were selected including the Zambian team to pursue 15 places sponsored by the Vintage Air Rally. This is a rare opportunity to see the Zambian flag racing with others from Ushuaia Argentina, passing through 19 different countries in a vintage aircraft, flying over challenging mountainous terrain, desert, plains and jungles to Florida in the USA.

The Vintage Air Rally is starting on 1st March 2018, and will take 6 weeks featuring 15 Vintage aircraft. The aviation activities in Zambia are literally low, but it starts with getting ourselves involved, especially young men. Support the Zambian team buy liking the video below:

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