The Case of Firefighting Engines

Munir Zulu wrote :
The case of firefighter trucks..
First I will state that am disappointed with most of our fellow Zambian citizens.
Had that contract been awarded to chinese man, Indian man, American or south african no one was going to make this noise being made, but because it’s Zambian involved then.its corruption.
Why do we harbor so much hate towards each other ? Is it a crime sure for a young person like Bokani Soko to be successful ?
Why should we wait to have grey hair and that’s when people will start to be successful ?
That colonial kind of thinking is mere foolishness and utter stupidity.
It’s time our generation starts to think in the positive way and move towards building a prosperous zambia for all.
We should be celebrating that the profits are not being externalised unlike giving contracts to foreign owned firms that take our had earned currency out of the country after execution.
The ministry of local government did a commendable job by giving such a huge contract to a local firm.
Those talking are just lazy and can’t prepare a tender document…

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