The IACC – Taking Healthcare to India’s Villages And Towns

Even as various fields of medicine grow and make huge strides in urban and semi-urban India, rural towns and villages are often not part of a comprehensive healthcare plan that offers them specialized services. In 2017 India, someone in a village needing a coronary bypass would need to travel hundreds of kilometers, often away from family, to undergo surgery at a specialty hospital and recuperate.

The Indian Association Of Clinical Cardiologists (IACC) was established to address this very problem. Presided over by Dr. Rajesh Rajan, IACC derives its strength from the expertise and mentorship provided to it by Padma Bhushan Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty and Padma Shri Dr. Govindan Vijayaraghavan, both stalwarts in the field of cardiology.

IACC is a not-for-profit organization based in Kerala, India. It is affiliated to the American Heart Association, American College of Cardiology, The European Society For Cardiovascular And Endovascular Surgery and represents India at the World Heart Foundation.

The Association has on board over 2600 cardiologists as well as many other preventive cardiology specialists who can render their services across the globe. When it was founded in 2006, many doctors in training were encouraged to work hard and prove their mettle to the medical fraternity. Due to their enthusiasm to do so, many professors and people in academia began to take notice and added wind to the movement to train more clinical cardiologists in India than ever before.

The National Clinical Cardiology Update is an annual event that many pioneers in the field look forward to. Apart from this, IACC organizes several events where doctors and others from the fraternity present breakthrough research and pioneer new concepts in clinical cardiology. These outreach and networking events have made IACC a powerful voice for Indian clinical cardiologists looking to serve a social cause as well as learn from their peers.

The workshops organized by IACC also help upskill several doctors working in grassroots level medical scenarios, thus equipping them with the skills necessary to save lives in all circumstances. One day, the Association hopes to train enough clinical cardiologists to make cardiac healthcare opportunities available to every human being, wherever they may be living.

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