The Men and Husband Association of Zambia

The Men and Husband Association of Zambia,
November 24th, 2016.
The Chairman General,
United Nations Security Council,
Washington D.C, U.S.A
Dear Sir,

Reference is made to the above captioned matter.
It is with great concern that the men of Zambia write to your office for protection.
Men in Zambia have come under tremendous danger from the women who are using dangerous domestic weapons to butcher them. From nowhere guns, axes, vehicles and kitchen knives are being used to butcher men by women either through their sleep or in broad day light.

We humbly ask your office to send a team of experts for a disarmament program were all these weapons should be ceased from our households. Razor blades, machetes, axes, hammers, nails, guns, vehicles, hooks, toothpicks, needles and many other sharp objects as may be recommended by men of Zambia be ceased in an effort to disarm our women.

The situation is so bad bwana chairman that men don’t know how women have became experts to turn objects into butchering tools for men.

As we await your response, men will be seeking refugee after work in pubs, overnight prayers and working as security guards for the fear of their lives.

We also request your office to engage the W.W.E and the U.N general Assembly to declare men as an endangered spices.

Please also consider setting up an emergency refugee camp for men. Not to forget to put braii stands, T.V screens, Assorted Beers, Ice Cubes and music systems as we await for the disarmament program to finish.
Looking forward to your prompt rescue and not overlooking our humble request for a refugee camp.
Yours in Fear,
Men Association of Zambia.
C.C: U.N Resident Representative.
C.C: U.N Secretary General.
C.C: W.W.E Country

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