THE PARABLE OF THE UNFORGIVING SERVANT: Lessons for the Zambian politician: 24.09.17

I rarely qoute scripture in sharing my political thoughts but the bible reading in Mathew 18:21-35 caught my attention in relation to the Zambian political set up.

Political battles are not just being fought between members of two or three different parties but fiercely and more evidently amongest members within respective political parties.

I see it everyday within the PF and even within other political organisations such as MMD, FDD and UPND to name a few. Members within these four parties appear united when going into a general election to wrestle power. Sadly the required unity disappears after election time and in most cases internal political battles become prominent. UNIP has not been spared by this cancer.

These post election battles are based on outwitting each other, PF members positioning themselves for the next election: be it MP or Mayor or Councillor and more competitively for the position of Republican President.In the process, friendships are being destroyed and betrayal has become the order of the day. Similar patterns of behaviour are showing within some opposition political parties.When ask why this is happen, the answer by some players is that politics is a dirty game.

In responding to his disciple Peter, Jesus Christ teaches us to forgive one another, not seven times but seventy seven times in an unlimited fashion. The lesson and illustration applies to the political players in Zambia to forgive each other and let real peace and love reign. Zambia needs healing within parties and between different parties. Lets compete with ideas and not physically.

I pray that i find it within my heart to forgive those i perceive to have hurt me. If my execution of political and civic duties has affected some people within PF or outside the party or indeed some of the residents in Kitwe, i hope am forgiven too. Truth be told, the bible is the richest book written. Am well guided on this topic of political forgiveness.and wish to recommend Mathew 18:21-35 for my colleagues to equally read.

kang’ombe Christopher

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