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Matt Edward Zagula

Many things change in retirement, but taxes are forever. Yes, that’s right, You still have to pay Income Tax after you’ve retired. But guess what, there are numerous ways to pay less tax and save money after retirement.

Talking about taxes can be about as exciting as watching the grass grow or the paint dry. Nevertheless, understanding how federal taxation can affect you is pivotal to all Americans — especially those who are entering retirement or are already retired.

So yes, For most of us who aren’t great with taxation and specifically finance (who get sleepless nights just by the very term – TAX ), there is a reason to rejoice. Matthew Edward Zagula – A celebrated author, who’s recent work: SMART Retirement: Discover the Strategic Movement Around Retirement Taxation™’ planning system got published by ForbesBooks, helps people to deal with taxes in retirement. The book has slowly climbed the best-selling charts for financial books and has becomes the third largest seller in the category.

The founder and CEO of Zagula Management, a wealth management company based in Steubenville, Ohio and co-founder of the Veterans Benefit Institute, Matthew Edward Zagula is a professional financial advisor who aims to secure a better financial future for individuals and their families. The renowned tax expert, who has immense knowledge of tax diversification and actuarial arbitrage, uses the SMART Retirement book as a tool to aid people chart a financially sound retirement plan. That’s not just, the intent is to teach professionals unique ways to accomplish the highest net after-tax retirement income. Through his book, Matthew also proffers vital insights, in a detailed and systematic approach, about reducing taxation on post-retirement income.

To add on to that, Matthew has just the perfect solution to some of the most frequent questions every retiree seeks answers to: “Is retirement income taxable?, “How to deal with taxes in retirement?”, “But what if all of your retirement income is fully taxable?”. And for all the new entries in the retirement world, or if I may say so, inquisitive ones out there, the professional financial advisor also provides an in-depth detail on topics such as “Ways to reduce the amount shelled out to IRS”, “How to gain a comfortable retirement in any market condition” and “Increasing income after retirement without increasing risk through tax arbitrage”.

If you think that this book won’t apply to you or your style of approach then hold that thought…As Matt Zagula says the book questions “the financial sense in believing we can continue to solve new-world problems with the same old answers”. So yes, if you are a small business owner, a retailer or just a mere hardware trader, the book helps you to guard your wealth, achieve the lowest possible tax rate and funnel the tax saving on assets that are exempted from taxation for a better future.

No wonder, the book has been Published by ForbesBooks. The other prominent works of Zagula that offers guidance on wealth management and consulting include ‘Sp’end it Twice’ and ‘No B.S. Trust Based Marketing. Well as they say, “Finance is not everyone’s game”, but if you abide by the rules, there is no better game than it.

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