Wilshire Law Firm taking down Apple Inc. and Uber

In April 2017, Wilshire Law Firm, a California based law practice, filed a class action against Uber Technology and its subsidiaries. The lawsuit was proposed on behalf of their client Sophano Van in federal court. As per Bobby Saadian, the founder of the firm, the rideshare company “is systematically overcharging and underpaying, and pocketing the difference.”

The class action alleges that the Silicon Valley behemoth created two types of charges for the same route – a higher priced one for the rider and a lower priced one for the driver. The difference between the two was then pocketed by Uber. The complaint states that Uber manipulated route data. One route was used to calculate the upfront pricing for riders while another, different route was transmitted to the drivers. Daniel Miller, a lawyer at Wilshire Law Firm, thinks this equates to double dipping. This lawsuit by Wilshire aims to compensate this amount back to the drivers.

The personal injury litigation specialist filed another class action against Uber in November 2017 when Uber’s new CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, revealed that the company had been hacked in 2016. Hackers stole private information from both riders and drivers. More than 50 million accounts were affected. Wilshire Law Firm filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles federal court as representatives of their client, Flores. The lawsuit aims to prove that the ride-app builders were negligent, which put drivers and riders alike at risk for fraud and identity theft.

The decade-old law firm is also taking down another billion-dollar company, Apple Inc., in their latest class action. Filed on behalf of Stefan Bogdanovich and Dakota Speas in the U.S. District Court of California, the lawsuit accuses
Apple of a breach of contract and unfair business practices. Apple unveiled that they were slowing down older models of iPhones after a new version was launched. Though suspected by most users for years, this admission of “implemented power management features” to avoid unexpected shutdowns is humongous.

Wilshire Law Firm was the first to file a lawsuit against the technological company. The firm states the Apple has shown a “betrayal of trust” by not explicitly disclosing the feature and taking advantage of the “hard-earned money of consumers who saved to buy an iPhone.” As of now, Apple faces more than thirty lawsuits for slowing down iPhones.

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