Zambia Struggles To Make Eurobond Interest Repayments

Former Economic Association of Zambia President, Noel Nkoma has sounded out a warning saying that Zambia is on a path that is likely to lead to the country defaulting on three Euro bond repayments.

Nkoma called for a change in the way Zambia manages its fiscal policy, “We need to start implementing austerity measures right from the top. We are still so opulent and yet we have a huge deficit. Government needs to set the tone first in implementing austerity.”

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One thought on “Zambia Struggles To Make Eurobond Interest Repayments

  1. What do you expect from this rotten PF government. This time around they will put the country at a dead path .we are all quite instead of questing the former finance minister how this money was utilized. No wonder Lungu and Matibini are busy silencing H.H so that everything is quite.

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